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What Happened to the American Dream???

Growing up in the inner city of Highland Park, Michigan, I learned right away that the world can be a cold, cold, COLD place to those who do NOT prepare for tomorrow, today. It also taught me these three, very important things:

ONE! Respect is earned, not given.

TWO!! Never judge a book by its cover.

THREE!!! Time waits for no man. Life is temporary. Chase the cheese for as long as you’re in this rat race (see what I did there o_O?) that we call life.

The false hope associated with that of The American Dream can be correlated to many different factors. Here, we will explore three possibilities. Kiss the baby goodnight, silence your phone, kick up your feet and get the popcorn ready, as I present to you, the answer to the million dollar question that my generation has wondered since we entered “Adulthood”…. What Happened to the American Dream???

Ignorance vs. Patience:

Remember hot summer days growing up? Back when our only responsibility was staying out of trouble, traffic, the neighbor’s yard, and to wait on the ice cream truck. It was all worth it after a Two Ball Screwball! What about the days when the ice cream truck didn’t come? We begged mom and dad for an extra dollar and walked to the store to buy ice cream the hard way.