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Do you Fight to Live or Live to Die?


I HAVEN’T BLOGGED IN ALMOST 2 YEARS! WELCOME BACK ME! I needed a break while I worked on my Writing Catalog. I signed a deal with LOTT (Leaders of Tomorrow, Today...) and I can’t wait to show you all what we cooked up. After the release of MIU, LOTT put me back on blogs. So here I am world!

Back to business! How's Life? Really think about that question before you continue reading a newly installed segment Dear Journal, consisting of opinionated perspectives on concepts to this thing we call life.

It's two umbrella reasons we live life. You either fight to live or you live to die. I'm not here to get religious on the people but to tell the people what's really going on in society from my perspective.

I fight to live everyday that I wake up in the morning until I fall asleep that night. Why? I'm not finished doing my job. As a college graduate, working in my field of study, owing twice my salary in student loans (almost $80,000), I KNOW It has to be more to life. This is not what I was promised as a child.

Growing up adults told us, “Go to college, find a job, and you’ll be set for life.”

The only problem is that being 26 in 2014 is much different than it was in 1977. In those days you could find a job and live a happy, middle class life. Recent college graduates enter the real world ranks as an upper poor class citizen, financially speaking. The power of the dollar has decreased annually, while salaries of the middle class have barely risen in comparison. The middle class is slowly disappearing while the rich keeps getting richer. Sound familiar? If you know your history it should.

But what do I mean by fighting to live? In the world we live in you have to find your passion. Something you do for free willingly, simultaneously releasing stress. When you have found that passion, find a way to generate revenue from it. Once you do that, you have won in the Game of Life becoming a Boss Player. That’s when it’s time to pay it forward.

Living to die, means just that. You don’t care about anything. All you do is complain all day, make excuses, destroy things, go to sleep, and repeat. In the Game of Life you get what you give the world. If all you give the world is negative energy, it is all you will receive, that means you're living to die, wasting greatness...

I never want to look back on my life at 30 or 40 and wish I would have done something different. Live life with no regrets, planning your moves months ahead of time. We have too many gifts as a people to let greed and evil corrupt the world that your children are growing up in. If you live to die, find a reason to fight to live.

I have to keep going and pushing through for people who doubt me, those who can no longer dream chase, and thrice for folks still sleeping through life. Wake up!

Be Great!

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Don’t forget to support my first Novel, “Michigan International University” published by Leaders of Tomorrow, Today... Free shipping at A preview of the book is available at

© Ali Muhammad 2015

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