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Hear Me Out: Unscripted | Episode 2

'Hear Me Out: Unscripted' Episode 2 features Teacher, Author, Editor-In-Chief, Ali Muhammad and his thoughts on culture, relationships, sports, and current events.

0:00- Theme Video
0:33- Introduction
0:45- Respect Your Elders
2:02- Cause and Effect 
2:57- Women Are Getting Stronger and Stronger II
4:13- The Lion's Den
5:50- NBA 2019-2020
6:22- Part I: Outro
6:32- Part II: Mario Glanton, LOTT Sports West Michigan

Hear Me Out: Unscripted | Episode 1- Pilot Episode

*Disclaimer: The thoughts and ideas expressed on this program belong to the host(s) and their guest(s).

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