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LOTT News: Protests and a Pandemic

KALAMAZOO — Kalamazoo, MI parent, reaches out to NBA champion, Stephen Jackson and Milton “Po Boy” Carney (long time friends of George Floyd) to speak at the "Let Your Voice Be Heard" march and rally in honor of George Floyd.

Hundreds in attendance of all ages gathered in Bronson Park, located in Downtown Kalamazoo to let their voices be heard. Motorcyclists led the way with protestors, organizers, Jackson, and Carney alongside them. 

"The reason why we're making so much noise and the reason why they're listening right now y'all, is because we're all standing together, and love is pushing out hate.


"You can't be racist and not be exploited no more... and that's thanks to you guys, because we're doing this together. We're holding everybody accountable and now is the time," Jackson told the crowd.

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