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Excellent Read

This is an excellent book and it is fitting for any age. It is well-written, compliments to the author. I highly recommend you buy Michigan International University” for yourself and/or your family, friends.

Fantastic Read

MIU is a timeless novel. It is a book that people of all ages can relate to now and forever. The characters have a way of inflicting many emotions on the reader. There are times where you love certain characters, hate certain characters and love/hate a certain character at the same time. There are so many lessons to be learned from the story. Ego, love, passion, family and fame are only some of the intriguing themes of the book. I recommend this book to anyone.

Great Read

This book far exceeded my expectations as it kept me tuned in from the opening page. Every twist and turn helped the book be less predictable and it showed a creative writing skill that has been nourished and well kept. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading and wants something that is reader centered and will hold the readers attention

Ali Muhammad Keeps the Reader Entertained and Intrigued in Michigan International University

Michigan International University transports you back to the good old days in Detroit. When the automobile industry was booming and the family was the focus of the community. Muhammad's book paints a historic picture of a world renowned city called Detroit.

Michigan International University

I found the book to be very engaging. I 've read the young man's blogs and was impressed with his writing which was the impetus for buying his book. I'm a senior citizen and found the book relatable.

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Leaders Of Tomorrow, Today

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