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January 28, 2016 


For the release of our first picture book we decided on a very unorthodox approach. Finding an Illustrator for picture books is a very challenging process. We didn't make the selection process any easier with the competition format we chose for our November release.


11 electrifying Artists received the same 3 pages of story text with the task of bringing 1 to life and that's exactly what they did. Our selection committee lost hours of sleep narrowing down the field to just 2 self-motivated Artists to begin production.


It's very hard naming winners in this situation because they all did such a great job, as cliché as it sounds. Every competition must end and the date has come and gone. Leaders of Tomorrow, Today will have the honor to work with (PRESS THE PENCIL TO VIEW THE WINNERS!)  for our first of many picture books to come: Wake Up Little Lion

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