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Leaders Of Tomorrow, Today

Frequently Asked Questions

As the new kid on the block in the Publishing industry, we get asked a lot of questions.  Here you will find a list of FAQs to give you an idea of how we have become one of the busiest publishing houses in the world.


What is LOTT?

LOTT is a publishing entity established to showcase our original Artistry and content to the world.

Who Works for LOTT?

We work with Artists around the world to turn ideas into reality.

It all starts with a vision from the Writing Department.  Works meeting our SFP (Standard for Publishing) go through copyright clearance and on to the production stage.  Once a Writer’s works have been approved for production, LOTT recruits Illustrators, Editors, Graphic Designers, etc. for the project.  The final product whether book, magazine, CD or DVD is sold on our website along with our partners' Amazon and Createspace.




Why not?


Publishing is the perfect arena to showcase the many talents going unnoticed in every neighborhood around the globe.  LOTT gives Artists an international platform to present their creations to the people.  Since launching our website in November 2015, we have effectively reached supporters in over 60 countries around the world with an average time on page of 3:03 with a 54% bounce rate. Pretty good right? Brazil, China, France, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom have been some of our biggest international supporters.


What Has LOTT Published?


Our debut novel, Michigan International University was released to the public on November 11, 2015.  It appeared on Amazon’s Best Books of 2015 list in the month of December.  Our follow up project, Wake Up Little Lion was released in November of 2016.


Random Fact: Our Illustrator for Wake Up Little Lion resides in the Netherlands.  


LOTT Magazine reached the public in November 2018. Reporting real news, interviews, Art, and much more. The Rydon Tyme: Life of the Eye, short story series was launched in 2019. Three titles for the series have been released so far.

Random Fact: Our Illustrator for the Life of the Eye, short story series resides in Portugal.

How Does LOTT Recruit its Talent?

We host competitions at, applicants, email, networking, social media, etc.  At LOTT, we are always looking for passionate, self-motivated Artists who believe in themselves as much as we do.  Our only purpose is to inspire the next great leaders of tomorrow, today. 

Can I return products I Buy From the LOTT Shop?

All sales are final. No returns. However, products purchased from our website can be exchanged.

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