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Leaders Of Tomorrow, Today

Join Our Team...

LOTT Leaders of Tomorrow, Today... is looking for ambitious, self-motivated Artists to work with during the 2023-2024 season of creation. Below, are the job offerings for season.

LOTT Magazine
Released: Fall 2018
  • Social Media Marketing
Short Story: Rydon Tyme- The Life of the Eye "Prize Fighter"
Target Release: November 2023
  • Cover Illustrator (closed)
  • Editor (closed)
  • 2nd Editor (closed)
  • Graphic Designer (closed)
  • Interior Illustrator (closed)
  • Social Media Marketing
Documentary: Mighty Michigan
Target Release: TBA
  • Instrumentalist
  • Narrator
  • Video Editor
Insert Your Project Here-
Target Release: TBA
  • Writer
  • Author
  • Blogger
  • Content Writer
  • Graphic Novelist
  • Short Story Writer
  • News Reporter
  • Actor/Actress
Pay Rates:
LOTT Artists are paid for each submission/photo shoot. Long term projects may offer salary pay and royalties.

If Interested, leave a message with the position(s) desired and answer the following question:

What motivated you to start your first project?

Thanks! Message sent.

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