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The Big 3 Put Its Stamp on All Star Weekend 2020

NAZARETH, MI -- The Big 3 basketball league forewarned anyone watching their Fox and CBS broadcasts over the last three summers, "We're changing the game,". Co Founder, Ice Cube even toured the world to make it clear.

The league features half court basketball with a shortened shot clock, and the teams play two, twenty five point halves. The first team to fifty, wins.

February 16, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois, NBA All Star Weekend decided to change the game in their own way. As the NBA honored the late great, five time NBA Champion, Oscar Award winning Artist, Best Selling author, father, and husband, Kobe Bryant, they also changed the game's format.

Instead of four, twelve minute quarters per usual, every quarter was a mini game. The winner of each quarter earned $100,000 for charity. At the start of the fourth quarter, points were tallied up and the team with the most points set the bar for the win.

Twenty four points higher than the winning team's third quarter total, set the game point. Meaning, the first team to 157, wins...

Sound familiar?


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