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Sports and Entertainment: Is it the Problem? or the Scapegoat...

Priorities. What is a priority? Our good friend Merriam-Webster says, “The things that someone cares about and thinks are important… therefore coming or being dealt with first.“

In a perfect world, the sporting and entertainment industries are in place to provide an escape from the rigors of our daily lives to just sit back and relax. In this downtime we enjoy a performance put on by our generation’s best of the best. These people practice at the highest level, day and night preparing for a presentation to the people. As the best of the best, they are compensated as such.

Success tends to backfire every once in awhile. The boomerang effect for the entertainment industry is that they make it look too easy sometimes. Making something look so easy has a tremendous trickle down effect in many communities around the nation. It also comes with much scrutiny, unwanted attention, and labels such as: overpaid, cocky, flashy, brash, entitled… the list goes on and on. Is it warranted? Let’s see.

Exposure Creates Desire:

What you see, is what you get isn’t just a song by the Dramatics but a lifestyle in a sense. Every kid in the world wants to grow up to be rich and or famous, doing what they love whether it’s playing football, singing like a canary, or pursuing traditional careers in medicine, law, education, etc. Again, that is in a perfect world.

In reality, people are products of their environment. Abe Lincoln once said "Whatever you do, be good at it”. As a product of the inner city of Highland Park, during the late 1980’s and 1990’s I saw a lot of success in front of me. This success was reached either the right way or the left way. Those who choose neither usually remained stagnant due to high comfort levels in their careers, were poverty stricken, or even homeless in some cases.

The Right Way: