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30 Minutes: The United States Government...

Every so often I will release Thirty-Minutes of real time, raw writings. For Thirty-Minutes I will discuss untouchable topics most veer around like a Driver’s Education Student Driver. Make sense? Thirty Minutes starts… NOW!

First Topic:

The United States Government...

Just reading “The United States Government” Three things come to mind immediately:

Great work is being done, there are several flaws in all aspects of government and that the Legislative branch needs a pep talk and a pizza party or something! Remember how happy you were when your teacher threw a pizza party for the class?

Anyway back to the point. As a tax paying citizen, when I look at the branches of government:

Legislative, Executive and Judicial...

I ask one question. Why do you do, what it is that you do? Does politics run in your family? To feed your ego? The money and popularity?


Is it to vote on political matters with the best interest of the people at heart?

The Legislative branch consists of The House of Representatives and The Senate, together they are The Congress.

Congress was pretty much put in place to be the voice of the people, they’re our elected officials. Through the years, people have become so busy dealing with friction in the Real World, we often forget that we… The People of The United States of America ultimately own the POWER!

We have the ability to challenge any flaw we see in the system of government. This is a great thing, seeing as though America is a Democracy. As a Democracy, American Citizens have the right to organize.

Find a flaw in the system, ORGANIZE! And challenge lawmakers to amend some things...

As a recent college graduate (Class of December 2012/April 2013 take a bow, Go Broncos!) I will point out a HUGE flaw in the governmental system. Student Loans.

Twelve minutes left…

Going to college was easily one of the top three experiences of my lifetime. Making a commitment to a University, you know what you’re getting yourself into. It’s expensive.

Many recent graduates (myself included) and those who have yet to finish, face tens of thousands of dollars in debt, with 8.5%+ interest rates. We all knew college was expensive when we enrolled.

But riddle me this...

Why is the cost of college steadily increasing? When salaries for the lower middle class and those in poverty, remain stagnant with minimal growth, all while the cost of living rises? Just stew on that, I only have a few minutes left.

Six minutes…

In 2013 the average college graduate made $44,259 (roughly $32,310 for single Michigander’s after taxes) per year according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Another statistic for you all is that 39% of young adults 18-34 live, or have lived with their parents recently in their lives. Shown in the Pew Research Center’s analysis of US census data.

As for the other 61% of young adults, amongst those you will find students and recent graduates who have become accustomed to living on their own, during and or after their undergraduate studies.

Meaning at this stage of our (The Millennials) lives, most of us are paying: Rent/mortgage, phone bills, credit card bills, electric, cable and internet bills, car notes for some and groceries for all!??!?!?!?!!!?

Using the figure listed above, the average net income for a recent graduate breaks down to about, one thousand-three hundred-forty-six dollars every two weeks.

Below you will find estimated monthly debits excluding car notes and insurance

  • $600 rent+

  • $100 phone bill+

  • $100 credit cards+

  • $25 electric bill+

  • $75 cable and internet+

  • $100 food and groceries.

Combined that equals $1,000 in total monthly expenses. Don’t forget about dessert! The cherry on top of it all, coincided with the rigors associated with our daily voyages of the real world… Sallie Mae and The Federal Government want their cut for student loans, roughly four hundred-fifty dollars plus, per month.

So let's do the math, facts only. $1,000 + $450 = $1,450 in expenses vs an average bi-weekly income of $1,346.

This means, recent graduates spend over half of their monthly earnings on bills and expenses, even more to those with fully insured/financed vehicles in the equation. I haven’t even mentioned spending money in between checks.

I challenge you all to help bring back the power of a college education and let your voice be heard. Let's organize! I’m taking One Million Students with me to Washington D.C.

Calling ALL students: Young, old, current broke college students and alumni’s paying off loan amounts twice your salary.

5 seconds left…

Whose with me?

© Ali Muhammad 2014

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