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30 Minutes: The United States Government...

Every so often I will release Thirty-Minutes of real time, raw writings. For Thirty-Minutes I will discuss untouchable topics most veer around like a Driver’s Education Student Driver. Make sense? Thirty Minutes starts… NOW!

First Topic:

The United States Government...

Just reading “The United States Government” Three things come to mind immediately:

Great work is being done, there are several flaws in all aspects of government and that the Legislative branch needs a pep talk and a pizza party or something! Remember how happy you were when your teacher threw a pizza party for the class?

Anyway back to the point. As a tax paying citizen, when I look at the branches of government:

Legislative, Executive and Judicial...

I ask one question. Why do you do, what it is that you do? Does politics run in your family? To feed your ego? The money and popularity?


Is it to vote on political matters w